FAE drones control over the Internet

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The FAE Drone is controlled indefinitely over the GSM 3G-4G network, as follows:    

  • Remote control
  • Full HD 1080p video     
  • Full telemetry     
  • Data link for bidirectional upload-download




Rețeaua 3G-4G asigură internet de mare viteză până la 50 mbps

The 3G-4G network provides high-speed internet up to 50 mbps.

The remote control allows the drones to be controlled manually if desired.

Full HD 1080p video quality video provides safer navigation and the ability to use the search & rescue image for example.

Telemetry offers the ground pilot the parameters of the real-time drone flight such as: position on the map, drone speed, altitude, battery charging status, wind speed and many other parameters.

The data link allows loading a new flight plan during flight and downloading detailed flight logs.

Link-ul de date permite încărcarea unui nou plan de zbor în timpul zborului și descărcarea log-urilor de zbor detaliate.

The Internet control package can be obtained as follows:     

  • When buying a new FAE droning machine as an option     
  • As an upgrade to any FAE drones,     
  • As an upgrade for other drones models with Arducopter controller.


In contrast to the traditional drone control method, which requires three distinct equipment (remote control, video emitor, telemetry modem), all limited as transmission distance, the Internet control over the GSM network allows the use of drones:     

  • In areas with obstructions of visibility, urban or mountain, for example     
  • At great distances (topography / agriculture on large surfaces)     
  • In jamming environments in the ISM radio frequency bands (heavily populated urban area)
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Advantages of FAE Drones

  • high flight time (double compared to competition)
  • high payload - 5 kg operational, 10 kg max
  • preserves altitude versus flight (AGL) in topographical applications
  • automatically divides large areas into multiple short flights
  • 24 MPx image quality with Prime APSC sensor lens (25.1mm x 16.7)
  • head hold - Direction of the camera to the same direction



FAE 1115 Octa - PREDATOR

FAE 1115 Octa - PREDATOR

FAE 1718  Fixed Wing - REBEL

FAE 1718 Fixed Wing - REBEL