Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft combines the flight performance of an aircraft with the ability to take off and land automatically, vertically, as a multi-rotor. The Colibri tilt-rotor drone is presented as an integrated solution for topography, agriculture and environmental inspection. It offers training, regular preventive maintenance at 100 hours of flight or annually, and a 24-month warranty. The drone is delivered ready for flight, tested.

  • Video
  • Package
  • Sensors
  • Technical specifications

  • airframe VTOL
  • two 10A 6S batteries
  • charger LiPo 1000 W
  • SKYDROID M12L remote control
  • FlightCase box
  • sensors of choice, according to the requirements

The type of sensors that can be integrated into the UAVs:

  • autopilot with full functions type ArduPilot
  • 10A 6S battery
  • remote control with telemetry on computer or Android, radius 50 Km
  • Flight Case transport box
  • body with removable wings and tail
  • 12 inch carbon propeller
  • Charge 1000W
  • width 1.8m
  • air mass 4.5 Kg
  • autonomy 100 Km
  • material EPO and carbon fiber structure
Training, warranty and periodic maintenance included.

Advantages of FAE Drones

  • flight training included
  • service, maintenance and spare parts
  • technical support by phone and online
  • high flight time
  • high payload
  • maintain AGL in topographical work
  • the drone is not geographically restricted
  • 24 MPx image quality with Prime APSC sensor lens (25.1mm x 16.7)

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