UAV multirotor and fixed wing, tested solutions

  • Topography, agriculture solutions

    Combining various specialized sensors, we offer turnkey solutions in topography, agriculture, environmental monitoring and other related fields.

  • FAE 1115 Octa - PREDATOR

    Predator - 1115 is a professional octocopter optimized for performance characteristics.


    Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft combines the flight performance of an aircraft with the ability to take off and land automatically, vertically, as a multi-rotor.


The purpose of FAE Drones is to integrate industrial drones solutions into the businesses activity. We offer training, warranty and maintenance. Drones' performance is tested in flight before delivery.

We cover applications with high flight autonomy requirements, extensive control distance, image quality, live broadcasting over the Internet, accuracy of data for various branches of the economy (especially topographyagricultureindustrial inspection).


ADVANTAGES of the fixed wing drones

  • flight time 5-10 times higher
  • high speed flight (about 70 km / h, about 1000 ha / flight or more)
  • flight at high altitudes (over 2000m)
  • low purchase price
  • low maintenance costs, low operating risk

ADVANTAGES of the multirotor drones

  • vertical take-off / landing (VTOL)
  • high load (5 kg drone, 5 kg payload)
  • flight at fixed point - side photographs, 3D model
  • flight at low altitudes (under 50m)
  • more wind-resistant than fixed-wing drones
  • ease of piloting learning


  • orthophoto and DEM for large surfaces
  • agricultural and environmental surveillance
  • inspection of long sections


  • 3D models with side inclusions
  • orthophoto and DEM models at high resolutions (1cm - 5cm / pixel)
  • surveillance on restricted areas


Professional solutions for aerial measurements

High performance multirotor drones, fixed wing and VTOL dedicated to topographic and environmental measurements

Proposed drones solutions

Topography solution

Topography solution

LIDAR Aerial Scanning

The millimeter precision of the point cloud generated of LIDAR topographic ...

Agriculture solutions

Agriculture solutions

Advantages of FAE Drones

  • flight training included
  • service, maintenance and spare parts
  • technical support by phone and online
  • high flight time
  • high payload
  • maintain AGL in topographical work
  • the drone is not geographically restricted
  • 24 MPx image quality with Prime APSC sensor lens (25.1mm x 16.7)

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