Welcoming those who practice precision agriculture, or collecting data support, spatial and environmental planning, FAE Drones has developed the flying package based on FAE 1718 Fixed Wing.

FAE 1718 Fixed Wing is an aircraft - drone automated, suitable to acquire fast and accurate data, covering large areas (over 500 ha) and long distances, it requires a landing zone on the ground in a straight line about 50 m, and in the air about 300 m of direct visibility.


Avion cu decolare si aterizare pe verticala (VTOL - Vertical Take-off and Landing) imbina performantele de zbor ale unui avion cu capacitatea de a decola si ateriza automat, pe verticala, ca un multirotor.

FAE 1718 Fixed Wing - REBEL

Professional fixed wing drone for topography and agriculture on very large surfaces, covering more than 1000 ha / flight. Optionally, the flight duration (and implicitly overflight surface) can be extended to light-day using the photovoltaic cell-wing version (see photo).

FAE Drone 1718 Fixed Wing - REBEL is recommended as the right solution for:
  • topographically specific missions (digital surface model ortofotoplan.tif - topographic map, digital elevation model DEM, point cloud mapping, GIS)
  • road missions (round-trip trips), it covers road lengths more than 300 km per flight.

Parrot SEQUOIA+ Multispectral Sensor

Sequoia poate transforma aproape orice drona într-un sistem de cartografiere agricolă. Colectati date care, atunci când sunt analizate, vă spun cum să ajustați pesticidele, erbicidele, îngrășământul și irigarea pentru a maximiza sănătatea plantelor și randamentul culturilor. Identificați boala plantelor și tratați-o înainte de a fi prea târziu.
FAE drones control over the Internet The FAE Drone is controlled indefinitely over the GSM 3G-4G network, as follows:
  • Remote control
  • Full HD 1080p video
  • Full telemetry
  • Data link for bidirectional upload-download
Solar charger kit for drone batteries Using only solar power, the solar charger lets you charge the drone battery to 1C on the ground, using the battery as a buffer or any other 12V battery.



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Advantages of FAE Drones

  • flight training included
  • service, maintenance and spare parts
  • technical support by phone and online
  • high flight time
  • high payload
  • maintain AGL in topographical work
  • the drone is not geographically restricted
  • 24 MPx image quality with Prime APSC sensor lens (25.1mm x 16.7)

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